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UPDATE 28th October 2019

We are not currently taking any orders on the website, to discuss a cable or place an order for DIY material, please email me.

Website will be processing orders again in December.

For updates, please check our facebook page 

Be warned these cables have a high audio toxicity and people are known to suffer from loss of productivity due to the increased enjoyment of their audio from my cables.

The manufacturers (me, myself and I) take no responsibility for staring off into the distance for prolonged periods of time or the missing of public transport.  My cables will poison your very soul with the need to have better audio I should probably apologise for this, but since I am likewise afflicted, tough.

I have made a selection of cables using the best components to bring your music to your ears.  I love good audio and hope you too will join me in audio nirvana with Toxic Cables.

Due to high demand I want to let all potential customers know that I am working on a backlog of orders.  Time taken to fulfil orders has come to the point I must let you know any new order will be delayed.  I will not reduce quality for the sake of quantity.

New cables orders are estimated to take roughly 4-6 months from point of order. This is due to my father being critically ill and nearing the end of his life and me being his full time carer.

Please feel free to make orders through the website as usual and to contact via email if you have any questions.

Toxic Cables at a Glance

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Sharing some recent comments.

I want to say it is a real pleasure to know that so many people are enjoying their audio that much more with Toxic Cables and thank you for all the positive feedback!

Just a note to let you know that I’ve only managed an hour’s listening so far but that the cable sounded absolutely incredible with the 2 CDs sampled so far!
Best compliment I can pay the silver/gold cable is that it makes the LCD-2 sound much more like ear speakers than headphones.
At this rate, I’ll certainly want to try the Venom.

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